Innovation and Technology Fund
Statistics of Approved Projects
(as at 30/4/2017)
Programme Approved Projects Funds Approved
Innovation and Technology Support Programme 2,406 9,878.3
General Support Programme 2,724 1,085.8
University-Industry Collaboration Programme 308 369.1
Small Entrepreneur Research Assistance Programme 416 508.2
Enterprise Support Scheme 24 67.5
Research and Development Cash Rebate Scheme
(Since April 2016)
305 82.8
Technology Voucher Programme 46 5.8
Total: 6,229* 12,430.1**

* Exclude cases of Patent Application Grant.
** Includes funding to Partner State Key Laboratories, Hong Kong Branch(es) of Chinese National Engineering Research Centre(s), Technology Transfer Offices of universities and Technology Start-up Support Scheme for Universities.