Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) Committee

(19.10.2018 – 18.10.2020)


Professor Eric Yim Chi-ming, JP

Vice Chairman

Mr Alan Cheung Yick-lun


Mr Colin Lee
Telephone : 3523 1133
Fax : 3523 1189


  • Dr Celine Cheng Heung-kwan
  • Dr Stephen Kwok Chun-pong, MH
  • Mr Peter Lam Kwok-leung, JP
  • Mr Timothy Ma Kam-wah, MH, JP
  • Mr Peter Shum
  • Mr Kevin Cai
  • Ir Wilson Kwok Wai-shun
  • Ms Mandy Leung Man-yee
  • Professor Wong Kam-fai, MH
  • Mr Luther Wong Lok-tak, JP
  • Professor Wong Wing-tak
  • Mr Terence Cheung Kwong-tat
  • Mr Ray Wong Wing-wai
  • Ms Bonita Chan Bow-ye
  • Miss Gigi Wong Fook-chi
  • Mr Sy Ming-yiu

Ex Officio Members

  • Commissioner for Innovation and Technology or his/her representative
  • Government Chief Information Officer or his/her representative
  • Director-General of Trade and Industry or his/her representative

Terms of Reference

The terms of reference of the Committee are:

  1. to advise on the vetting procedures and assessment criteria;
  2. to advise whether applications for funding should be approved, the amount to be granted to each approved project, the terms of conditions for approving funds and the measures in monitoring the disbursement of funds;
  3. to evaluate and review the modus operandi and effectiveness of the TVP; and
  4. to advise on any other matters relating to the TVP as requested by the Government.