Research Talent Hub for ITF projects (RTH-ITF)

Research Talent Hub for ITF projects


Launched in July 2020, the RTH-ITF aims to provide funding support for organisations/companies undertaking research and development (R&D) projects funded by the Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) to engage research talent to conduct R&D work. The RTH-ITF merged the previous Researcher Programme and Postdoctoral Hub for ITF projects.


Applicant Organisation / Company

All organisations/companies undertaking R&D projects funded by the ITF11.

Research Talent

Key Features


The RTH-ITF invites applications for funding all year round. Applications should be submitted through the Innovation and Technology Commission Funding Administrative System. Please read the "RTH-ITF Application Guide" before submitting an application.


Frequently Asked Questions

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The applicant organisation/company should ensure that the talent selection process is open, fair and without prejudice to any candidates. To avoid conflict of interest, in selecting a research talent, the applicant organisation/company must not engage a research talent who is the proprietor, partner, shareholder or management of the applicant organisation/company or their relatives. The applicant organisation/company or any person/staff authorised by the applicant company to handle or in any way to be involved in the selection process should declare that they have no actual or potential conflict of interest; or otherwise should not participate in the selection process.

Yes. Any non-local research talents who are eligible under the RTH, including those admitted under TechTAS, can benefit from the RTH. The concerned talent must possess a bachelor/master /doctoral degree awarded by either a local university or a well-recognised non-local institution, or jointly awarded by a local university together with a non-local university. The degree obtained should be in a STEM-related discipline.

No. The research talent being engaged should assist in the R&D work of the funded project on a full-time basis. The applicant organisation/company should comply with the relevant legislative requirements concerning the employment of the talent.

No. The monthly allowance should be paid in full towards the actual lump sum monthly remuneration for the research talent who participates in the ITF funded R&D project. No other allowances, overhead or fringe benefits, etc. should be payable from the RTH. Remuneration provided to the research talent would be additional to the approved budget of the ITF funded R&D project and should be included in the project account for accounting and auditing purposes.