ITVF Co-investment Partners

Name (in alphabetical order)
Contact person
Tel (852)
Beyond Ventures I Fund L.P.,
managed by Beyond I Capital Ltd.
Ms. Floria Chan
3500 2619
managed by BVCF IV GP, Ltd.
Ms. Vanessa Huang
Hendale Fund, L.P.,
managed by Hendale GP Ltd.
Mr. Henry Lee
2840 0776
Mindworks Ventures Fund 3 SPC,
managed by MindWorks Ventures Investment Management (Cayman)
Construction-Radiant Tech Ventures Fund LP,
managed by Radiant Tech Ventures Limited1
Ms. Yolanda Yang
3708 9189
X Technology Fund, L.P.,
managed by X Tech Holdings Ltd.
Dr. Jason Sun / Mr. James Ji



  1. "Construction-Radiant Tech Ventures Fund LP" was formerly known as "Radiant Tech Ventures Fund LP" prior to its change of name in September 2018.

The "ITVF Corporation" is a passive investor and would make direct investment in eligible local innovation and technology start-ups recommended by the Co-investment Partners.