Annual Statistics of Approved Projects


Approved Projects
Funds Approved($M)
Innovation and Technology Support Programme
Approved Projects: 157
Funds Approved($M): 607.7
Mainland-Hong Kong Joint Funding Scheme
Approved Projects: 28
Funds Approved($M): 54.6
Guangdong - Hong Kong Technology Cooperation Funding Scheme
Approved Projects: 34
Funds Approved($M): 45.4
Partnership Research Programme
Approved Projects: 68
Funds Approved($M): 118.9
Midstream Research Programme
Approved Projects: 6
Funds Approved($M): 31.6
University-Industry Collaboration Programme
Approved Projects: 0
Funds Approved($M): 0.0
Small Entrepreneur Research Assistance Programme
Approved Projects: 0
Funds Approved($M): 0.0
Enterprise Support Scheme
Approved Projects: 29**
Funds Approved($M): 61.4
Research and Development Cash Rebate Scheme(Since April 2016)
Approved Projects: 104***
Funds Approved($M): 115.2
Public Sector Trial Scheme
Approved Projects: 38
Funds Approved($M): 101.8
Public Sector Trial Scheme - Special Call for Projects for the Prevention and Control of Coronavirus Disease 2019 in Hong Kong
Approved Projects: 0
Funds Approved($M): 0.0
Technology Voucher Programme
Approved Projects: 12 185
Funds Approved($M): 2,135.4
General Support Programme
Approved Projects: 47
Funds Approved($M): 124.1
Re-industrialisation Funding Scheme
Approved Projects: 14
Funds Approved($M): 122.4
Innovation and Technology Fund for Better Living
Approved Projects: 7
Funds Approved($M): 22.4
Patent Application Grant
Approved Projects: 110
Funds Approved($M): 27.5
Research Talent Hub
Approved Projects: 1 926
Funds Approved($M): 947.7
Reindustrialisation and Technology Training Programme - Training Grant Application
Approved Projects: 3 193
Funds Approved($M): 163.4
Approved Projects: 17 946****
Funds Approved($M): 6,259.8*****


The ITVF figures are not included in the statistics and that ITVF figures will be shown separately under ITVF's webpage.
In addition to those approved projects above, there are 15 applications recommended for funding by the ESS Panel which involve funding amount of about $60.5M.
No. of Partnership projects only.
Exclude cases of funding for operation of R&D Centres.
Includes funding for operation of R&D Centres, Reindustrialisation and Technology Training Programme - Annual Implementation Fee, Patent Application Grant - Annual Implementation Fee, Technology Voucher Programme - Annual Implementation Fee, State Key Laboratories, Hong Kong Branch(es) of Chinese National Engineering Research Centre(s), Technology Transfer Offices of universities, HKIB - GMP Product Development and Technical Support Platform for Traditional Oral Solid Proprietary Chinese Medicine Products, Technology Start-up Support Scheme for Universities, STEM Internship Scheme and Research Support for Research Clusters.