Annual Statistics of Approved Projects


Approved Projects
Funds Approved($M)
Innovation and Technology Support Programme
Approved Projects: 157
Funds Approved($M): 607.7
Mainland-Hong Kong Joint Funding Scheme
Approved Projects: 28
Funds Approved($M): 54.6
Guangdong - Hong Kong Technology Cooperation Funding Scheme
Approved Projects: 34
Funds Approved($M): 45.4
Partnership Research Programme
Approved Projects: 68
Funds Approved($M): 118.9
Midstream Research Programme
Approved Projects: 6
Funds Approved($M): 31.6
University-Industry Collaboration Programme
Approved Projects: 0
Funds Approved($M): 0.0
Small Entrepreneur Research Assistance Programme
Approved Projects: 0
Funds Approved($M): 0.0
Enterprise Support Scheme
Approved Projects: 29**
Funds Approved($M): 61.4
Research and Development Cash Rebate Scheme(Since April 2016)
Approved Projects: 104***
Funds Approved($M): 115.2
Public Sector Trial Scheme
Approved Projects: 38
Funds Approved($M): 101.8
Public Sector Trial Scheme - Special Call for Projects for the Prevention and Control of Coronavirus Disease 2019 in Hong Kong
Approved Projects: 0
Funds Approved($M): 0.0
Technology Voucher Programme
Approved Projects: 12 185
Funds Approved($M): 2,135.4
General Support Programme
Approved Projects: 47
Funds Approved($M): 124.1
New Industrialisation Funding Scheme (formerly known as Re-industrialisation Funding Scheme)
Approved Projects: 14
Funds Approved($M): 122.4
Innovation and Technology Fund for Better Living
Approved Projects: 7
Funds Approved($M): 22.4
Patent Application Grant
Approved Projects: 110
Funds Approved($M): 27.5
Research Talent Hub
Approved Projects: 1 926
Funds Approved($M): 947.7
New Industrialisation and Technology Training Programme
Approved Projects: 3 193
Funds Approved($M): 163.4
Approved Projects: 17 946****
Funds Approved($M): 6,259.8*****


The ITVF figures are not included in the statistics and that ITVF figures will be shown separately under ITVF's webpage.
In addition to those approved projects above, there are 6 applications recommended for funding by the ESS Panel which involve funding amount of about $19.2M.
No. of Partnership projects only.
Exclude cases of funding for operation of R&D Centres.
Includes funding for operation of R&D Centres, New Industrialisation and Technology Training Programme - Annual Implementation Fee, Patent Application Grant - Annual Implementation Fee, Technology Voucher Programme - Annual Implementation Fee, State Key Laboratories, Hong Kong Branch(es) of Chinese National Engineering Research Centre(s), Technology Transfer Offices of universities, HKIB - GMP Product Development and Technical Support Platform for Traditional Oral Solid Proprietary Chinese Medicine Products, Technology Start-up Support Scheme for Universities, STEM Internship Scheme and Research Support for Research Clusters.