Vetting Criteria

What are the vetting criteria of the General Support Programme (GSP)?

In considering a proposal, due consideration will be given to, inter alia, the following wherever applicable:

  1. the potential of the project to facilitate general upgrading and future development of one or more sectors in industry; contribute to innovation and technology upgrading of the economy, and broaden the scientific and technical knowledge base of the economy;

  2. whether there is a demonstrated need for the proposed project;

  3. whether similar products, technologies or services are already available in the market, and whether the project is duplicating or likely to duplicate the work carried out by other institutions;

  4. the overall planning and organizational structure of the project and the technical and project management capability of the project team i.e. the project team members' experience, qualifications, track record, and the resources available for the project; and

  5. whether the proposed budget is reasonable and realistic and whether the project should be funded by other sources, such as the Research Grants Council.