Partnership Research Programme (PRP)

Partnership Research Programme


Launched in January 2019, PRP aims to support applied research and development (R&D) projects undertaken by R&D Centres1 or designated local public research institutes2 in collaboration with companies.


The lead applicant must be an R&D Centre1 or a designated local public research institute2, which should partner with an industry co-applicant to apply for PRP. The industry co-applicant can be either a company incorporated in Hong Kong under the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622); or an industry support organisation, a trade and industry association or professional body which has the legal capacity to enter into contracts.

Key Features


PRP invites applications for funding all year round. Please read the following documents before submitting an application:



Vetting will be conducted by the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC). The applications will be considered in accordance with the assessment framework. Where necessary, individual application may be subject to external review.

Frequently Asked Questions

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If your company is interested in PRP, you should first identify an R&D Centre1 or a designated local public research institute2 as the lead applicant of the project and agree on the project details, the expected deliverables, and if necessary, the licensing/royalty arrangement, etc. After that, the partnering institute may submit a PRP application, which would require registrations of your organisation and relevant personnel with the Innovation and Technology Commission Funding Administrative System.

The majority of the R&D work of a project should be conducted within Hong Kong. However, given the close ties between Hong Kong and the Mainland, up to 50% of the R&D work of the project can be conducted (and relevant expenditure incurred) in the Mainland. Where certain R&D tasks need to be conducted outside Hong Kong (other than the Mainland), the applicant should provide justifications and seek prior approval from ITC.

All IP rights arising from the project will be solely owned by the participating company as the industry co-applicant if it contributes at least 50% of the total project cost. For projects where the industry co-applicant"s contribution is less than 50% of the total project cost, the IP rights generated will be vested with the lead applicant.


PRP merged the University-Industry Collaboration Programme (UICP) and the collaborative stream of Innovation and Technology Support Programme (ITSP) to continue to support research and development projects undertaken by R&D Centres, local universities and other designated local public research institutes in collaboration with local companies. UICP has ceased to accept new applications since April 2019.