University-Industry Collaboration Programme -
Industrial Research Chair Scheme

What is the Industrial Research Chair Scheme?

The Scheme supports research efforts of universities and industry in technology fields that are not yet developed in Hong Kong but for which there would be good development potential. Key features of the Scheme are:

  • A distinguished researcher in the university will be invited to be the chairholder to lead the project for a finite duration. The chairholder should mainly conduct research and accept a light teaching load.

  • The project should be in the natural science or engineering field that responds to industrial needs.

  • The Scheme and the company will each sponsor half of the project cost.

  • The company will own all the intellectual property rights arising from the project, it can also negotiate with the university and mutually agree on the IP arrangement.

  • The grant could cover the salary of the chairholder, as well as other additional manpower, equipment and other direct expenditures related to the project.

Will my company be eligible to apply?

Yes, if your company is a locally incorporated company. Your company will be the applicant, but you must first find a local university as the partner.

How can my company apply for funding?

Your company should first agree with a local university on the project details, the expected deliverables and, if necessary, the royalty arrangements etc. Your company and your partner university will then need to submit a joint application to the Innovation and Technology Commission.