University-Industry Collaboration Programme -
Matching Grant for Joint Research

What is the Matching Grant for Joint Research?

This Matching Grant aims to foster university-industry collaboration in R&D projects. Key features include:

  • The Grant will cover half of the cost incurred by the university in the project including manpower, equipment and other direct expenditures relating to the project. The other half will be covered by the company.

  • The company's contribution must be in cash.

  • The company will hold all the intellectual property rights arising from the project, it can also negotiate with the university and mutually agree on the IP arrangement.

Will my company be eligible?

Yes, if your company is a locally incorporated company. Your company will be the applicant, but you must first find a local university to carry out the project.

What kind of projects will be supported?

An R&D project carried out jointly by a local company and a university will be eligible. Projects that focus on routine applications of existing technologies or on the provision of bureau services will not be funded.

How can my company apply for funding?

Your company should first agree with a local university on the project details, the expected deliverables, and if necessary, the royalty arrangements. Your company and your partner university will then need to submit a joint application to the Innovation and Technology Commission.