University-Industry Collaboration Programme -
Teaching Company Scheme

What is the Teaching Company Scheme?

The Teaching Company Scheme aims to foster university-industry partnership. It supports local companies to take on graduate students pursuing a higher degree in local universities to assist in proprietary R&D work. Key features include:

  • The Scheme will cover half of the studentship of the student.

  • The university will provide teaching guidance to the student in handling the project.

  • The student's performance in the project will be counted towards his/her degree programme.

  • The company will hold all intellectual property rights arising from the project, it can also negotiate with the university and mutually agree on the IP arrangement.

  • The project should not last more than three years.

Through this arrangement, the company will benefit from the research results. Students will benefit from their practical research experience in a genuine business environment. The university will have closer links with industry and a better understanding of its problems.

Will my company be eligible?

Yes, if your company is a locally incorporated company. Your company will be the applicant, but you must first find a local university as the partner and identify suitable candidate(s) among the university's graduate students for the proposed R&D project.

What is the form of funding support?

The company and the Scheme will each bear half of the studentship for the graduate student. The scheme may also cover half of the insurance premium directly arising from the placement of the student in the company. The other costs of the project will not be funded. As each student will receive a standard studentship of HK$15,000 per month and the project should not last more than three years, the maximum funding from the ITF for the studentship for each student would be HK$270,000.

How can my company apply for funding?

Your company should first agree with a local university on the project details, the selection of student(s), the expected deliverables, and if necessary, the royalty arrangements. Your company and your partner university will then need to submit a joint application to the Innovation and Technology Commission.