Vetting Criteria

What are the vetting criteria of the Technology Voucher Programme (TVP)?

Each eligible application will be assessed based on individual merits and considered on a case-by-case basis. The assessment criteria include –

  1. relevance of the proposed project to the applicant enterprise’s business – the project should have good prospects of enhancing its competitiveness through improving productivity, business development/expansion, cost reduction or efficiency enhancement, upgrading/improving/ transforming business processes.

  2. reasonableness of the budget – assessment with reference to market prices of the technologies in question as known to the TVP Committee or ITC will be made. Individual items of expenditure must also be essential and directly related to the implementation of the project.

  3. reasonableness of the implementation details – consideration may include whether concrete and quantifiable project deliverables and outcomes have been set. The implementation details should also be realistic taking into account factors such as the complexity of the technology and the project duration.

  4. adverse record of consultants and/or service provider(s) as known to the TVP Committee and ITC if available.

TVP Vetting Criteria