Research and Development Cash Rebate Scheme

The Research and Development Cash Rebate Scheme (the Scheme) aims to encourage more research and development (R&D) investment in the private sector and encourage companies to establish stronger partnership with local public research institutions. Under the Scheme, a company will receive a cash rebate equivalent to 40% of its expenditure in two types of applied R&D projects -

  1. projects under the Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) (ITF projects); and

  2. projects funded entirely by the companies and conducted by the designated local public research institutions (“Partnership projects”).

Improvement measures with effect from 1 April 2013

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The R&D Cash Rebate Scheme has introduced the following improvement measures with effect from 1 April 2013:

  • Pre-registration of Partnership projects
    • The existing requirement of pre-registration before the commencement of R&D work is relaxed to allow pre-registration to be submitted within one month after the project commences.
  • Deadline for applications
    • Applications of cash rebate will be required to be submitted within 2 years after the completion of the project.
  • Addition of the Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology (HKIB) as a designated local public research institution.

Please see the updated application guide, application forms and details at the Scheme website.

Submission of Application

Applications should be submitted to the R&D Cash Rebate Scheme Section of ITC in the form of hard copy in person or by post. For application details, please refer to the Application Guide.